How we apply the process to brand creation

Our 3D brand model is all about adding process to creativity. It’s about diving deep into your brand, getting under its skin to understand its complexities and subtleties, then using intelligence to create something that is meaningful, based on reality and which resonates with target audiences.

The ‘Define’ stage of our 3D brand process is key to the long-term success of your brand adoption. We get all of your key stakeholders in the room and identify goals, messages, audiences and timings. With everyone on board, it’s a much smoother journey to success. Define is also a process of discovery. We talk to your employees, customers, investors, communities – in fact, anyone invested in your brand – to understand what you stand for and what makes you unique.

Once we’ve defined what you want to achieve and everyone signs off our strategic paper, it’s on to the ‘design’ stage. This is where we identify the best channels and tactics with which to engage agreed audiences. We also sign-off on budgets and identify KPIs and measures of success.

The final stage of our 3D model is ‘deliver’. This is where we launch your brand and build your reputation with your customers and employees by developing and executing on brand communications assets.

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