Avalanche Detection

Video animation explainer for avalanche technology

Moving picture animation is a fantastic way of bringing to life technological solutions that might otherwise be difficult to show in the real world. Take avalanche detection. No-one wants to risk life and limb to film in avalanche conditions, so animation is a riskless way of explaining how things work.

Parts of the US suffer extraordinary snowfall. In remote mountainous regions, the accumulation of snow poses a real threat to the safe operation of transport infrastructure, particularly railroads. L.B. Foster Company has created a new, integrated remote condition monitoring solution that combines digital technology, telecommunications and smart software to inform railroad operators when an avalanche takes place and impacts on the track.

So we set about scripting, storyboarding and developing an animation integrated with live film to explain the way the new solution works. The result is a lovely fusion of moving images and animation that tells the story in a short, simple and engaging explainer programme. Roll on the next one.

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