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How we made apprenticeships the real deal

Raising Awareness of Apprenticeships

Elevating the value of apprenticeships in the minds of young people and parents was the cornerstone of our campaign to get school leavers to choose apprenticeships.

Working around the government’s national ‘Real work. Real pay.” campaign, we took that narrative one step further to attach greater value to the apprenticeship pathway – The Real Deal.

The Real Deal was all about placing young people at the centre of the creative, creating heroic figures achieving great things through learning at work.

We worked with a specialist fashion photographer to capture lifestyle images that wouldn’t look out of place in a high end fashion shoot. And all of this was spun around a series of clever headlines, reinforcing The Real Deal mantra.

Campaign assets included a website, a suite of postcards, posters, a prospectus, pop-up banners, t-shirts and wallet cards. We also ran a competition to win a Playstation by registering online to get your name in a prize draw.

In addition, we supported the whole campaign with a series of case study style news releases and editorials targeting parents with the message that apprenticeships really are the real deal.

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