Just because someone tells you that you have to do something a particular way doesn’t mean you always have to be compliant. Take apprenticeship provider EMTEC’s recent request from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) for a Request for Proposal (RFP). Now these things can often be wholly prescriptive and, in our opinion, a bit dull. So let’s think in and out of the box.

EMTEC wanted to show its understanding of the importance of living a customer’s brand in its RFP presentation to JLR. We have a long history of working with EMTEC, from its earliest days as an independent learning provider to its ownership as part of Carter & Carter plc, to its reincarnation at Central College Nottingham. So naturally they got in touch with us to help.

Kicking off, we researched how JLR communicated with its various stakeholders, drawing inspiration from a number of publicly available sources. These helped us adopt the JLR brand look and feel, as well as the tone of voice for the communications assets. Our research also provided the spark of inspiration for our campaign title: For Life’s Journeys.

The next challenge was to make EMTEC’s RFP presentation stand out from the crowd of respondees. We talked video and EMTEC jumped onboard, particularly as we had an inspirational means of including video in EMTEC’s RFP using tablet technology. We filmed apprentices at EMTEC’s site in Ruddington, adding to the story by including interviews with key EMTEC staff and management of Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships.

Video was just one element of the response. Packaging was our next inspiration. This was a case of getting inside the head of the target market. JLR is a premium luxury brand. When you buy a JLR vehicle it’s all about buying into the brand. So we crafted a premium feel package in which to present the RFP, much in the way that you’d expect JLR to present the keys to your beautiful new car. And to complete the circle we created a campaign theme to resonate with educators and automotive experts alike.

‘For Life’s Journeys’ tells the story of EMTEC’s learning proposition. It also encapsulates the partnership approach at the centre of its proposal. We loved it and so did the team at EMTEC. Even JLR asked for our details having seen our creative!

For Life’s Journeys video programme
For Life’s Journeys 80pp RFP document
Video booklet incorporating tablet technology
High value presentation box
Branded belly wrap
JLR USB key fob loaded with digital assets
For Life’s Journeys Powerpoint template and slide treatment
Copy writing