When businesses are brought together after acquisition there’s often a bedding in period.

So why not make it really difficult and acquire five companies in 24 months!

We’ve been working with L.B. Foster Europe to get under the skin of the business. We recognised that we needed to win the hearts and minds of the people across the business. So we kicked off the branding journey with a series of workshops, inviting 25% of the total workforce to tell us what they thought. What we really wanted to find out was not what the business did, but why it does it. That opened everyone’s eyes to a totally new perspective on L.B. Foster’s role in the wider world.

World in motion
Focusing on the ‘why’ gave us the message that L.B. Foster’s inspirational engineering solutions keep the world moving. Ta da! Our lightbulb moment. The brand expression uses movement – from hero images representing fast motion to perspective lines heading towards a clear focal point. The expression is being rolled-out across all aspects of the business – from web to literature, built environment to employee communications.

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