An iPhone with branded content imagery and text for L.B. Foster

Creating on brand social experiences

The importance of branded content

Branded content on social media is everywhere and continues to grow. So why is branded content important?

According to Tubular Labs, there are currently more than 200k branded content video campaigns being shared across Facebook and YouTube alone. That doesn’t take into account other social channels like Instagram and Twitter, as well as campaigns that don’t include video. Brands are smartly exploring ways to reach new audiences, but unlocking the unique puzzle that is branded content on social is still evolving.

Whilst each social channel has its own tone of voice and approach to content (think Instagram – pix; LinkedIn – commercial etc), it’s important that your brand is safeguarded and consistent across all of the channels that you use. So an integral part of any brand guidelines should be guidance on social media – from your tone of voice to the type of content you post.

It’s easy too. Adapting offline content for the online world is simple, bearing in mind the relevance of the content to the audience on each channel you use. We regularly develop social campaigns that extend the reach of content – from press coverage, photography and video to infographics and animated gifs – all adding that little extra bit of excitement to drive engagement.

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