The press call we organised for the season opening of ‘Chatsworth Renewed’ was one of our busiest ever, with more than 20 media outlets confirming attendance.

With its gold leaf and pale yellow stonework glinting in the spring sunshine, Chatsworth has now reopened to visitors after completing the biggest restoration and conservation of the house, garden and park since the 1820s.

Restored to its full glory, inside and out, we were tasked with generating a buzz ahead of the season opening. And create a buzz we did.

Handling media relations for Chatsworth for more than 10 years, we have developed key relationships with the press. First of all, we sparked conversation with our contacts at The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail in advance of the opening and sold in features with both. The Daily Telegraph had access to the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire; meanwhile the Daily Mail had exclusive access to interior photos and information.

The outcome was sensational, with both outlets publishing colourful, jam-packed double page spreads, plus online content.

Daily Mail

Then came press day. TV crews from ITN News, ITV Calendar and BBC East Midlands Today; journalists and photographers from The Guardian and photo agencies such as AFP, PA and others; as well as key regional press were on hand and their content was splashed all over broadcast, print and online soon after.

See it for yourself!