How we weave words of wonderment

What is copywriting? In many respects, we are all ‘copywriters’ but only some of us claim to do it as a profession. Imagine an advertising campaign without a smart headline. Consider a website without words. Think of a brochure with no narrative. The copy writer’s work is the glue that binds everything together.

One of the more complex copywriting jobs we’ve undertaken was a new website for L.B. Foster Europe. The site comprises a top-level corporate site, with five solution centre sub-sites. Each sub-site is a stand-alone website in itself, so in essence, the project entailed creating content for six websites in one.

Having identified L.B. Foster’s tone of voice, it was a case of applying this to top-level content about each of the businesses, then switching to a more technical tone for each of the many electrical and mechanical engineering solutions’ sub-pages.

An essential element of creating the technical copy was developing an overview understanding of the benefits of each solution, as opposed to its function. That way we were able to align the solution with L.B. Foster’s brand expression ‘keeping our world moving’. The result was rich SEO solution content and powerful corporate narrative – oh, and one happy customer.

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