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Repositioning the Institute of Quarrying in the media

Editorial strategy for the Institute of Quarrying

Back in 2016 we successfully pitched and won the Institute of Quarrying (IQ) as a new client. As part of our proposal, we recommended reconnecting IQ with its members through a new editorial approach in sector title Quarry Management journal (QMJ).

Four years on the fruits of our labours are there for everyone to see. From a small presence sheltering amongst the classifieds at the back of the magazine, each month IQ now blazes an editorial trail throughout the publication. That’s down to a carefully planned annual editorial programme that aligns beautifully with the four segments of IQ’s Skills Wheel.

Each month IQ’s president leads with a personal message on the inside front cover of the magazine. This focuses on a current issue and is aligned to IQ’s Skills Wheel. Regular editorials include Member Insights and IQ Skills Wheel, plus features exploring the Institute’s international partners and people profiles.

Steve Adam is the editor of QMJ. He says: “We’ve had really positive feedback about the way IQ is now positioned in the magazine and we’re really pleased with the way things are working.”

And it’s not just the offline world that we’ve focused on. IQ now enjoys a dedicated section for news on QMJ’s digital platform

Our role continues to be about developing engaging content. We work alongside IQ, major quarry operators and smaller, independent producers, to tell the whole story about the importance of people development for the future success of the sector.

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