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How we create a great user experience

Our team understands the press because we’ve all worked in or with the media. We instinctively know what gets journalists out of bed in the morning. Equally, we recognise when a story isn’t strong enough and we’re not afraid to say no, rather than raise expectations.

Press relations is all about knowing who to talk to and what to talk to them about. That requires strong market intelligence, the starting point for which is a high-quality database of relevant press. We invest in one of the UK’s leading online media databases, which gives us access to invaluable information about journalists, bloggers, vloggers – anyone writing about the subjects in which we’re interested.

We get close to our target journalists by drawing on a raft of tactics – but we find the best way to build relationships is to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. We excel at responding to enquiries from media, making sure we have the right information to hand or knowing where to turn to for a speedy response. Our effectiveness has built us a solid reputation with the press, so they know that if they need something, best ask Redbrick.

We also have a few tricks up our sleeve. Getting front of mind with journalists can require lateral thinking , especially when we know some receive thousands of emails each day. Social media can be a great way to catch the eye and we’ve achieved exceptional results from thinking differently. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

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