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Discover the demographics of social networks

There’s no denying that social media is enormous. In fact, over 2.8 billion of us are on it. Most of us have become self-proclaimed social media experts, as we’re on it almost every day. But how well do you actually know your social audiences?

An infographic produced by Tracx takes a deeper look at the demographics of top social networks, and we were quite surprised by some of them.

Did you know for example, Facebook users are predominantly women (83% of online users vs. 75% for men)? It is also the best place to reach Millenials and Generation X, with those users spending almost seven hours a week online.

A closer analysis of Twitter revealed that we only spend an average of 2.7 minutes a day on it’s mobile app. And more than half of Twitter users (53%) never post any updates!

The video-sharing website is in fact the second biggest social network, with one billion unique monthly users. That’s second behind Facebook! Even more impressive, there are two million video views per minute.

In the past year, Instagram has made several updates to improve brand engagement on it’s platform, such as the introduction of business profiles. So, it may not be surprising that more than half of Instagram users follow brands (53%). Moreover, an impressive 90% of its users are under the age of 35.

Top Network Demographics infographic

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