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How we write what the press want

Writing for the press is a skill in itself and it’s a skill that we possess in abundance. As trained journalists and copy writers, we have a trained eye for what makes a story. And as crafted storytellers, we unlock latent news where others see none.

Selecting the right tone of voice is also essential. News journalists switch off at the first sight of adjectives; fantastic, beautiful, amazing, incredible are all words banished in our world, we save them for promotional copywriting. News is about fact, not fiction, so we present news as it should be – short and to the point, reporting what’s happening. News is also third person – never we, I or our, unless it’s in a quote.

Lengthier editorials that appear as features are different again. These are more about setting a scene, providing context to the story, then adding the detail and delivering a narrative that has more depth and detail than news. They are still newsworthy, but not necessarily of the moment.

Other techniques include preparing responses to crises, press briefing notes, points of view quotations. In other words, if you’ve seen it in the media, we’ve probably written it!

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