employee communications

How we use digital to activate your people

Staff engagement is key to the success of any business. We use digital communications to reach, engage and activate the people who work for you.

Engaged employees stay with you. They work hard for you. They tell their social circle good things about you. In business terms, we’re talking less churn, more referrals, lower recruitment costs and powerful brand advocates.

We design, develop and deliver content using digital channels that work best for your business. Take intranets. We use these to securely share content, hosting information such as brand guidelines and company policies, as well as news and intelligence sharing forums. Then there’s social media, like Facebook Workplace, where we create your own online social space for collaboration.

With our editorial hats on, we also create compelling content and deliver it to employees using eshot technology, such as Mailchimp. We then use reader metrics to inform and enhance user experiences by understanding what interests them most. A nice virtuous circle of learning.

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