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Creating social media content for AUMA Actuators 

We like a challenge here at Redbrick, so when we were tasked with bringing together a new social strategy for AUMA Actuators, we were more than eager to provide our expertise.

Thanks to the efforts of our social media team, we have helped AUMA gain more than 400 new LinkedIn followers and achieved a 500 per cent increase in page impressions, all in a matter of just six months. What’s more, this was an organic social media strategy with no paid-for posts.

So, how was this achieved?

We tested a number of different types of posts to see what content received the most organic engagement, then used this to inform the core of our strategy. By repurposing technical information, simplifying the language and using eye-catching graphics, we give AUMA’s audience a glimpse of the benefits the company provides to its customers. 

We also developed a branded template for posts, such as AUMA’s National Apprenticeship Week campaign. Its success speaks for itself, with a 300 per cent increase in reactions compared to posts in the week prior. 

AUMA Actuators social post for National Apprenticeship Week


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