How our brand deference ignited interest

Marcomms for EMTEC Colleges

Sometimes there’s not a lot to work with when coming up with concepts, so we seek sparks of inspiration wherever we can find them. Apprenticeships provider EMTEC Colleges asked us to develop a high level ‘Request for Proposal’ response to an opportunity the college had to deliver Jaguar Land Rover’s learning programmes.

So, we rolled up our sleeves, got researching and created a high quality communication that was unlike any other RFP response received by JLR. Our response included a film called ‘For Life’s Journeys’, capturing the essence of EMTEC’s offer in a two minute production. We leveraged the creative approach across Powerpoint presentation, executive summary and a high value presentation box (the kind of thing you get when you buy an expensive car) which housed everything. The really smart bit was a TV in a card – in other words a tablet computer which on opening automatically played the film.

And all of this in a matter of weeks, working right up to the wire.


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