Our vision, L.B. Foster

How we used brand to bring cohesion after M&A

After a period of acquisition activity, NASDAQ-listed mechanical and electrical engineering group L.B. Foster Europe asked us to help define a core brand purpose and common behaviours that could unite its six UK and European businesses. With brands more sustainable when built ‘inside out’, the key to the challenge was to engage the employee base in the process of defining ‘L.B. Fosterness’.

A series of brand workshops focused on moving siloed thinking to open-mindedness about the strength of the wider group offering – and to define what was the ‘glue’ that bound the group together. The workshops included almost 50 per cent of employees, as well as leadership team, customers and stakeholders.

Formulating a brand purpose about ‘Keeping our world moving’ enabled an exciting new positioning that moved the organisation from a number of standalone specialists to a united, world-class engineering group. The workshops also defined Group-wide vision and values – the core brand behaviours at the heart of ‘L.B. Fosterness’.

We created comprehensive brand guidelines, which we apply to brand environments, internal documentation and sales and marketing assets, as well as digital and social media platforms.

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