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Using video to engage employees after M&A

Following a period mergers and acquisitions, engineering group L.B. Foster Europe introduced a new brand expression to capture the spirt of the group of companies. Central to the successful roll out of this with employees was a new video short. We wanted to inspire the people who work at L.B. Foster and instil pride in what they do.

The story is simple. It focuses on the guiding principles of the business. These have been created from a series of employee workshops. We asked the sometimes difficult questions about what it’s like working for L.B. Foster and the behaviours as employees they felt were key to the future success of the business.

We shot the content over two days in Nottingham and Sheffield and supplemented this with hero footage from stock libraries. The upbeat music is a step away from the traditional corporate muzac. The voice over was carefully selected to strike a chord with people who are predominantly from the Midlands and north of England and who do not appreciate being preached to, so getting the tone of voice right was essential.

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