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We’ve been generating attention in the press for the winners of the IQ National Student Awards. Read our press release, which was issued to trade and regional media on behalf of membership body the Institute of Quarrying (IQ).

Our social media campaign also helped to raise awareness.

15 February 2021. Eight of the best university geologists in the UK have received recognition for their hard work and commitment to learning from the Institute of Quarrying (IQ), the membership organisation responsible for setting professional standards in the mineral extractives industries.

The geologists of the future were nominated by their respective universities for the IQ National Student Awards. The achievement recognises high-achieving students that demonstrate continuous hard work and commitment towards their course, as well as strong potential for a successful career in the mineral extractives industry.

IQ is rewarding each winner with two years of free student membership to support ongoing studies and future careers. Each winner also receives a certificate acknowledging recognition by the professional membership body.

Winners of the 2020 IQ National Student Awards:

●        Toby Ambler from Clifton, Bristol – MSci Geology at University of Bristol

●        John Morley from Chatham, Kent – MSci Geophysics at Imperial College London

●        Jack Bethwaite from Plymouth, Devon – BSc Geology and Physical Geography at University of Liverpool

●        Isaac Watkins from Brighton, East Sussex – BSc (Hons) Geology at University of Brighton

●        Kody Marley from Brighton, East Sussex – BSc Geology at University of Brighton

●        Lydia Blackburn from Sheffield, South Yorkshire – BSc Geology at University of Leicester

●        Elissa Gillies from Plymouth, Devon – BSc (Hons) Geology at University of Plymouth

●        Ben Mayor from Manchester, Lancashire – MGeol Geology with Planetary Science at the University of Manchester.

James Thorne is Chief Executive Officer at IQ: “Students everywhere have had immense challenges to overcome this year but for these students, their commitment to academic studies and passion towards geology has not gone unnoticed. The Institute of Quarrying is all about supporting people at all stages of their professional life, so we hope the free access to student membership will not only support their personal development but also open up the exciting career opportunities available to them in the mineral extractives industry.”

IQ membership for students is £20 per year, with invaluable advice about the skills, training and personal development needs required to build successful industry careers.

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