Jamie Catto, the artist behind a seminal electronic dance band with over 15 million record sales worldwide, will be delivering a transformative wellbeing workshop in Nottingham.

Jamie Catto at Wellbeing Workshop

Jamie Catto is coming to town. We’re very excited to begin work with the event host, Sunita Passi, to help raise awareness and above all, help sell tickets with media relations support.

The artist behind a seminal electronic dance band, Faithless, with over 15 million record sales worldwide will be delivering a transformative wellbeing workshop in Nottingham.

Jamie Catto is a founding member of nineties anthemic electronica band Faithless, with massive dance hits including ‘Insomnia’, ‘God is a DJ’ and ‘Salva Mea’. Following his success as a musician, Jamie is now leading inspirational workshops and one-on-one sessions.

‘Create your future’ takes place at the Crowne Plaza Nottingham on Friday 11 October. The event is organised by the Sunita Passi Wellness Centre based at Belvoir Castle’s Engine Yard. Everyone is welcome and tickets are now available to purchase online.

Event host Sunita Passi, founder of the Sunita Passi Wellness Centre, says: “I have followed Jamie’s work for some time as a promoter of self-development through Ayurvedic teaching. Jamie’s philosophy really jumped out at me. His work and energy aligns perfectly with the Mind/Body events programme that we are developing.”

Sunita Passi Wellness Centre at The Engine Yard

Jamie adds: “I draw my inspiration from the richly diverse wisdom, techniques and processes I’ve encountered during my filming, recording and philosophy voyages around the world. I enjoy weaving together these creative techniques and exercises to spark both professional and personal breakthroughs.

“Sometimes to create the future you want you have to challenge your perceptions of who you really are, letting the masks slide off to reveal what lies beneath. Everyone is welcome at my workshops, which I like to do with play, intimacy and a dash of mischief to show you can have a lot of fun on the way there.”

Jamie’s talk is followed by a panel discussion with leaders from health, business and community and a Q&A with Elaine Godley, Laura Grant and Kate O’Brien. Elaine is a well known Nottingham businesswoman. Laura is the co-founder of freedomfoundationuk.org and Kate is a leading author. Sunita Passi is panel moderator, asking insightful and interesting questions to get the dialogue going and inspire the audience.

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