Keeping our world moving

How our video communicated core purpose

Most companies are very good at explaining what they do and how they do it, but not many reach into the realms of why they do it too. So we helped global engineering giant L.B. Foster to communicate its core purpose to its customers in a film that explores how what it does impacts on everyday life.


From the initial concept to script (written on the train back from London) and storyboard, we translated the company’s brand expression ‘keeping your world moving’ to reflect how we all come face to face with L.B Foster as we go about our daily lives.

Storytelling that inspires

Drawing on our story telling skills, we distilled L.B. Foster's core purpose into a powerful, impactful short film. The core narrative driving the film is the message that what L.B. Foster does touches our every day lives in so many ways; literally from the moment we wake to the moment we sleep.  Visualising the narrative was the next step, with a detailed storyboard and timings agreed before embarking on a three day location shoot in Nottingham and London.

Our researchers sourced additional library visuals for the finished film. Using stock library film meant we were able to add drama to the story, without the additional cost of further location shoots. 

Once the music and voice artist were agreed, the final edit and effects were added in post-production and the film was ready to premiere with L.B. Foster's leadership team.

Subsequently, the film has been used for investor days, as part of the company's recruitment process and at numerous exhibitions and shows, as well as on screens around the company's multi-site operational estate.

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