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How we monitor and evaluate success in the press

It’s a question on the lips of everyone who invests in media relations; how do you monitor and measure the success of campaigns? If only the answer was as simple.

Monitoring coverage of your investment means buying into a media monitoring service. That also requires a Newspaper Licensing Agency and Copyright Licensing Agency agreement, which provides access to and licenses the re-use of publishers’ content. Without these, you’re infringing copyright laws. We advise our clients subscribe to these services direct for best return on investment.

So, scale comes into play when we talk about monitoring. If a campaign is small and local it often makes more sense to use google web searches and keyword alerts. These pick up online coverage, but not published or broadcast.

We also offer media evaluation as an add-on service. Online media is straightforward. We use urls to aggregate coverage and present these as online reports. Offline evaluation is more complex and attracts additional layers of cost in licences and permissions.

How we monitor and evaluate success in the press is not a one size fits all solution; we prefer to talk to our clients to work out what they want to achieve, then present a tailored solution for discussion. In other words, it’s complicated.

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