How we transformed an ITT into a moving picture

EMTEC College specialises in delivering apprenticeship programmes for the automotive sector. The college was invited to tender by Jaguar Landrover to deliver the company’s apprenticeships, at which point they engaged our services to support the final submission.

So how do you make an ITT stand out from the crowd of respondees? We talked video and EMTEC jumped onboard. Next we needed a theme to resonate with JLR. Research unearthed a campaign called ‘For Life’s Journey’s’. Knowing deference can be a great form of flattery, we adopted this as our title and went to work on creating an engaging programme to quickly capture the essence of EMTEC’s response.

We scripted, directed and produced the film. We filmed apprentices at the college’s site in Ruddington, adding to the story by including interviews with key EMTEC staff and management of Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships. Drone footage was commissioned to show the scale of the business.

The end product was a compelling moving picture that conveyed the key aspects of EMTEC’s offer. The film was used as the opening of the college’s presentation to JLR.

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