Network Rail user guide video screen shot of man using totem in London

Passenger information films for Network Rail

Video creation for Network Rail and L.B. Foster

Video creation is something we love doing for our clients. One of our recent projects saw us creating user guide video content for L.B. Foster and Network Rail.

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How we’re helping rail passengers in London

Our client L.B. Foster recently installed its passenger information totems at some of Network Rail’s major stations in London, including London Bridge, Paddington and Kings Cross/St Pancras. To give rail passengers a better understanding of how to use the totems, we created three video shorts for Network Rail for its social media. It has received over 2,500 views to date on LinkedIn.

Each film explains how to use the individual functions that feature on the passenger information totems. These include travel disruption, forward travel and access to local services. We captured content at London Bridge station, working with the station team to demonstrate the simple, user-friendly, touch-screen interface on what are essentially giant smartphones.

Each film is finished in compliance with Network Rail brand guidance. They include captions and voiceover.


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