Carly poses at Platform 9 3/4
Artwork of Elvis Presley
Redbrickers playing bingo
Freya poses with Barry the parrot on her hand
Long table in a office
Redbrick Staff
Men wearing wooly hats in pub
Exterior of Redbrick Offices
Statue of man in white and blue underwear
Steve stands in front of band performing on stage
Redbrick at the Cream Awards
Redbrick office stair well
Three team members of Redbrick stand for a photo with singer Tom Grennan at Splendour
Close up of red glass
Corridor at Redbrick office
Team Gif at Roxy Ballroom
Jordan wearing headphones at Railtex industry show
The Redbrick Team
Digital summit pass
Carly poses in the mouth of a dinosaur
Liz and Catherine at Vale House
Carly and Catherine with glasses of wine
Freya poses with Christmas trees inside Belvoir Castle
Team at Turtle Bay
Black sofas in the Redbrick office

Our Culture

Enjoy what you do

The work we do is inspiring. We look forward to what each day holds because our work is varied, the challenges exciting and the results rewarding.

Have great ideas

We encourage creativity. Ideas are the embryo for inspirations. Transforming our ideas into compelling communications for our client is our goal.

Be passionate

It’s not enough to be good at what we do; it’s our passion that makes us exceptional. Our enthusiasm excites and inspires greatness.

Yes we can

We believe in always providing a helping hand. We find solutions where others see obstacles. We always find a way.

Act with integrity

We always act with integrity, advising solutions that deliver the best results for you. We are ethical and believe in fairness, representing clients that share our values.

Reputation matters

We invest in our people, equipping you with the right skills and tools to do the best you can. Simply, your success is our success.