We set Redbrick Communications up in 1996 (how time flies). In that time many potential employees have sent us their CV and more recently an online profile.

Like it or not, we live in an extremely competitive world. And if you’re going to secure yourself that dream job, you need to make sure it’s your CV at the top of the employer’s pile. So here are our five top tips to wowing future employers.

1 Be different
We can’t stress how boring it is when multiple CVs look and sound exactly the same! So try to be creative and show some personality. Even consider setting up an online portfolio to make yourself stand out even more – WordPress is a good starting point and very easy to use. Use great design in your CV. We know schools and colleges teach you to create a bland, uniformly uninteresting presentation but that just doesn’t do it for us. We want to see creativity and innovation.

2 Avoid buzzwords
It seems that everyone nowadays is a “team player”, “hard worker” and “perfectionist”. Avoid the buzzwords and phrases that can turn off potential employers. Convey your personality in the way you write.

3 Join LinkedIn
If you’re not already on LinkedIn, then it’s definitely something to consider. LinkedIn is a business and employment oriented social networking platform. Not only is it a great place to go when you’re looking for jobs, colleagues, clients and former bosses can sing your praises and recommend you for future employers to read.

4 Proof, proof and proof again!
It sounds obvious, but not everyone does it. Don’t just rely on your own eyes either. Ask your family, friends or someone you can trust to also proof copy to make sure it’s perfect before you click send! And make sure if you send the same email to multiple recipients that you change the company name each time. We’ve had many ‘I’d love to work for Redbrick’ swiftly followed by the name of a competitor later in the text.

5 Know your receiver
And finally, before you do hit send on the email to ‘Dear whoever it may concern’ or ‘Dear Sirs’, are you sure you don’t know the receiver’s name? We’ve lost count of the amount of times people have sent a direct email to our joint MD Clive and not addressed him correctly. And not to mention an automatic red mark!