L.B. Foster

How photography activates brand

A core component of electrical and mechanical engineering group L.B. Foster Europe’s new brand expression ‘keeping our world moving’ is on brand photography. It activates the brand and reinforces the sense of movement. 

Full colour hero imagery is used throughout brand collateral as a way to distinguish L.B. Foster from its competitors. It captures the world L.B. Foster helps to keep moving through engineering excellence.

Unique blurred hero imagery is created by applying motion blur to images that reflect the sectors in which the business operates until they become blurred to abstraction.

Secondary photography style captures motion and movement through the use of perspective and depth of field – it can be used in both full colour and black and white. Shots use surfaces or long lines to capture angles that create the illusion of horizon perspective. We’re not afraid to vary the focus of subject matter – foreground detail can be just as captivating as people.

L.B. Foster

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