As another unpredicable year comes to a close, what lies ahead? We batted a few ideas around the office and came up with the following predictions for 2018. How right or wrong will we be?

1 “Alexa, you’re pretty cool”

It seems a lot of people received smart voice assistants for Christmas. And the trend will continue in 2018, with rivalry coming from Google Assistant and Apple’s “HomePod”. It may seem quite bizarre at first, but soon enough it becomes an intuitive way to access services. Although, it seems some improvements are still needed with Amazon Echo users reporting some big screw-ups

2 Micro-influencer take over

In last year’s predictions post we discussed the evolution of influencer marketing; and we were kind of right. But it looks like the tables have turned. According to findings by, influencers on Instagram with larger followers receive less engagement in comparison to those with a smaller following. So, should marketers instead consider micro-influencers this year?

3 Game of Thrones, aka Game of Socials

Now, we’re not suggesting social media bodies will start decapitating one another. But the war to be ‘the best social media platform’ will no doubt resume this year. Instagram and Facebook continue to give Snapchat a run for its money. For sure there’ll be even more ‘tit for tat’ as each platform makes changes to remain engaging with its users. And don’t forget the rise of LinkedIn as the tool if you want to be viewed as an influencer in business.

4 Can traditional media keep up?

There was a time when clients wanted nothing more than for coverage to appear in ‘that’ magazine or national publication. But now content is just as valuable, if not better, online. Within minutes an online news story can spread like wildfire on social media and reach more people than any traditional media outlet’s readership figure. Plus, with the rise of influencer marketing – can it keep up?

5 Oh, Trump! 

Which leads us nicely to our next point; the power of social media. Twitter is the medium of choice for the most powerful man on Earth, Donald Trump, enabling him to squabble, rant and boast about the size of his “nuclear button”. Gone are the days when the elite would schedule a slot on the radio airways to make important announcements; social media has changed the way the comms world works.

6 Try before you buy: Augmented Reality

AR really took off in 2017 and will no doubt see more developments this year. Ikea launched its Place App, which uses AR to show users how furniture would look in their own homes (amazing!). And Amazon and Apple are supposedly working on smart glasses that will overlay digital information, such as street names and local points of interest onto the real world. Watch this space!

And of course, as Brexit looms and the cryptocurrency, bitcoin, makes a dramatic return – we could have another unpredicable year on the cards.

Do you have any predicitons of your own?