How can we educate educators that reputation matters?

Education, Learning & Skills

We’re big fans of education PR. That’s because we’ve developed a nice little niche for ourselves in learning over the years we’ve been in business. It wouldn’t be too bold a claim to say that our experience covers the full range of lifelong learning opportunities – from nursery, primary and secondary school, through further and higher education and onwards to adult learning.

And what we’ve learned along the way is that education is all about celebrating the success of people. It’s seeing individuals and groups progressing in life that makes education, learning and skills such a favourite with our team. In what other sector do you get the chance to write a news release on a children’s visit to Santa’s grotto, strategise on an apprenticeship promotional campaign, or roll out a through the line campaign promoting the benefits of learning to adults?

Our experience is vast. We’ve created investor strategies for private training providers with the objective of realising a sale in five years. Our integrated above the line campaigns for apprentices and adult learners are things of beauty (and they work too).

Our role in the education space is varied and includes:
-brand communications
-media engagement
-customer engagement
-employee engagement
-influencer engagement
-event management
-sales and marketing strategies
-digital communications.