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Short film for Bishop of Derby

Creating a short film for the Bishop of Derby to support the recruitment of a new Archdeacon

As a man of (barely) hidden shallows, I confess that most of my infrequent prayers over the years have been focussed on winning the national lottery or on drawing the attention of attractive women. The meagre returns mean I have developed serious reasons to doubt HIS existence.

So while the streets of Derbyshire might not much resemble the Road to Damascus, my faith in human nature was given a restorative jolt recently while out and about making a short film for the Bishop of Derby.

Whatever you might think of religious belief or organised religion, in many of our most deprived communities priests, vicars, imams, rabbis and others are playing a major role on the frontline, holding together people in quite desperate situations.

They’re feeding hungry families, providing shelter for the homeless, lending a listening ear and a cup of tea to the lost and lonely or those with mental health issues (often ex-service men and women). Much of their work is done unnoticed and underappreciated by the great mass of mainstream society.

Seeing again their commitment, dedication, sheer hard work and long hours in often difficult circumstances was hugely impressive, inspiring and humbling. Julius, Sally-Ann, Simon, Mike and everybody else I met, plus the thousands of others like you across the country, I salute you. You deserve and will surely get your reward in Heaven.

Written by Redbrick Communications’ joint MD Steve Houghton

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