If you’re reading this, we’re pretty certain that you’re on at least one social media platform. Whether that be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or even YouTube. But did you know your posting habits can affect your chances of getting employed?

A recent infographic from Stevenson University reveals that more than 60 percent of employers have turned to social media when considering job applicants. With that in mind, here’s our ‘how to’ guide on how to keep employers on side on social media.


DO add a detailed profile of work history and your career aspirations. Also, make sure to use a professional looking headshot (not one from a crazy Saturday night with a beer in your hand!).

DON’T lie on your profile! It’s basically a digital CV that any future employer can view. Also, keep it professional! So don’t publish anything that’s personal, again from a crazy night out.


DO post about a wide range of activities and showcase your creativity.

DON’T post controversial content or use bad language. Yes, Facebook is for personal use, however potential employers can still look you up! And with that in mind, it might be worth updating your security settings to limit what the public can see.


DO tweet about topics of interest and follow companies in industries you’re interested in to stay in the know. If an employer does check out your profile they’ll be more than impressed with your knowledge and enthusiasm towards that line of work.

DON’T make grammatical errors. Plus, similar to Facebook, don’t post controversial content or use bad language.

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Social media demographic - Stevenson University