Social media

How we ensure your social media is fit for purpose

The trouble with social media is the freedom it gives you. It’s also one of the biggest benefits. But in our experience, unless there’s discipline and rigour in the way your social media is managed, it can be hugely damaging to reputation. It needs to be integral to your overall communications strategy, not an add on that sits on its own doing its own thing.

It also seems social media has been a bit of a poor relation for some, started with enthusiasm then left to rot in the digital darkness. We analyse and audit your social media landscape. That involves a thorough search of your digital footprint, checking what’s online, what’s live and what’s long since departed. It’s amazing what you find when you look. And don’t get us started on cross channel brand consistency.

We craft your social strategy – who you want to engage, what you want to achieve and why, then we look at how we’re going to get to your goals. Simple, because simple is best. And we always have an eye on how social sits in the overall picture.

We are led by editorial, rather than paid for, because we believe what we have to say is powerful. We try to make social interactions more human, encouraging people rather than brands to post. But we also recognise the importance of brand presence and are adept at creating the infrastructure to allow these to thrive.

We believe in social media that‘s fit for the purpose you want it to achieve. We make it happen.

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