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Three Reasons Why Visual Marketing is Absolutely Necessary
As you're scrolling through your social media news feed on your morning commute, it's posts with visual content that catch your eye. Right? PR Daily cites content with images get 94% more views than text-only content. So, here are three...
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The need for speed: Car PR for Ascari
We love cars. Fast cars. Very fast cars. We've been lucky enough to share our passion with a number of clients over the years. These include luxury supercar brand Ascari and the iconic race track at Donington Park. Imagine a five...
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National Minerals Week: Social Campaign for IQ
“It’s like Breaking Bad but with bismuth!” These were the words expressed by our friends at IQ during an experiment with the colourful element, as we rounded off our celebrations of the first ever National Minerals Week (NMW) social media campaign last...
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Namco a Great Venue for Meccano’s Gaming Press Launch
Evergreen toy brand Meccano's venture into the world of gaming gave us a great excuse to hold our press launch at London's largest entertainment centre. Namco Funscape is in the old County Hall on the South Bank in London. It proved...
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Orcs in York? Royal Armouries Go to the Movies
Headline: 'Orcs spotted in York'. Not your everyday occurrence, but that's who commuters at York railway station were greeted by as a publicity stunt we organised for an exhibition at the Royal Armouries in Leeds. From Narnia to Middle-earth: Arms...
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The Reputation Management Group: A Coalition of the Wise
Managing reputation for brands big and small sometimes requires the experience of a number of different experts to map out the entire brand landscape. That's why some years ago we created The Reputation Management Group. The Reputation Management Group comprises...
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