How we created value in a brand for future acquisition

Employability and Skills Group

“Redbrick helped us transition from a £2m Sheffield-based apprenticeship business into a £50m organisation at the heart of the UK’s employment and skills agenda. The creative team imagined the ESG brand, taking inspiration from the Learning & Skills Council’s identity – which was a stroke of genius given they were our key stakeholder. They also used their experience and knowledge of the machinery of government to help us with our higher level, strategic brand communications.

“An important part of realising the value in our business with potential investors and buyers was the presentation of a unified brand identity across all of our operating businesses. Each adopted the visual identity developed for ESG, whilst retaining their original operating name. That meant they kept the value that they each had built up in local markets but acknowledged new ownership. Redbrick leveraged the new brand across all customer, employee and investor touchpoints – from our board reports and our websites, to our cross-site intranet and learner literature.”