Thekla sails to dry dock

Thekla Sails to Albion Dry Dock

Thekla, the multi-award-winning live music boat venue and club in Bristol’s floating harbour,  has now sailed into Albion dry dock for a major £1m overhaul to secure its future for the next 50 years.

Our contacts from the regional press, along with well-wishing members of the public, joined us in waving off the iconic venue down the harbour to dry dock where it will undergo hull replacement in a renovation lasting three months.

In between their very hectic schedule, we set up pre-record and live interviews with Thekla general manager, Alex Black, and Martin Childs, from Albion Dry Dock, which were broadcast across regional TV, radio and published online.

It was an exciting day for all with a successful number of attendees to our press call, as well as locals turning up to watch the music venue sail off to dry dock.

We’re looking forward to keeping the public and press updated on what we are sure will be a highly anticipated return for one of Bristol’s most unique music venues. Thekla will return to its usual position in the harbour early September 2019, when it will reopen to the public.

For more on Thekla’s overhaul, click here.  

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