Over the years our paths have crossed with some of the best that the creative industries have to offer. And recently we worked with an awesome videographer on L.B. Foster’s corporate video ‘Keeping our world moving’.

Simon Waller is a rare commodity; his enthusiasm is infectious and he always finds a way to achieve the very best, regardless of what is thrown at him. This passion and enthusiasm extends to his pro bono work with The Passage, an organisation dedicated to providing homeless people with support to transform their own lives in London.

Simon’s most recent work for The Passage is a virtual reality 360 video project called ‘Look the other way’. ‘Look the Other Way’ investigates how people respond emotionally when faced with the stark realities of homelessness; something which Geoff Kearns knows all too well and so was keen to get involved in Simon’s project. Geoff helped construct the virtual experience used in the film. He also volunteered at the two installation days. It was here that participants were asked to ‘swap places’ with a homeless person for a few brief moments and then feedback on how it felt.

Simon’s film was screened to over 3,000 people at the Royal Festival Hall in London, moving many to tears. You can’t fail to be moved by the feedback from real people. If you’d like to support The Passage, visit www.passage.org.uk