Consulting communities to shape infrastructure developments

The energy company E.ON was looking to increase its UK generating capacity. Redbrick Communications was chosen to carry out a public consultation campaign in the area surrounding its High Marnham coal-fired power station.

E.ON’s first exercise was to determine the appetite and viability of reoping the power station and subsequently as a gas-fired power station. The site is within a traditional coalfield community in north Nottinghamshire which has grown up with the four iconic cooling towers dominating the surrounding views.

Our consultation process involved engaging across a wide spectrum of influencers which included MPs, councillors, residents, businesses and environmentalists. Our consultation team imbeded itself within the local community to truly understand their opinions and how we would respond accordingly with advice and strategies for E.ON.

We researched the best news channels for the communities and listed community noticeboards so that we could put together a map of the local community touch points. A project shop was set up in a local village so that people could drop in to find out more about the project and meet members of E.ON’s community engagement team and ask them questions.

Even though E.ON decided not to progress with either development, according to the community, the cooling towers were preffered to the possibility of wind turbines as over time they had become a part of the local landscape.

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