How we communicated college merger proposals

The further education landscape in Nottingham has long been overcrowded, with a proliferation of providers vying for the attention of post 16 learners. So when the idea of merging the three big boys in the city, it seemed to make sense, particularly in terms of a consolidated offer and estate rationalisation.

We were chosen to design and implement a community engagement strategy reaching all stakeholders – staff, students, parents, MPs, councillors, interest groups, the lot. Our initial campaign name ‘Nottingham College’ was overridden in favour of Single College for Nottingham – a bit of a mouthful but kind of said what was on the tin. Having identified a range of touchpoints we also designed and developed a campaign look and feel that was college neutral.

Single College for Nottingham

Communications assets included a campaign website, literature detailing the proposals, promotional flyers and information posters for noticeboards. A series of public consultation events were staged and personal briefings were arranged with local MPs, councillors and interest groups.


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