Stonebridge Park

How we got people living life in Stonebridge Park

Stonebridge Park is in an inner city part of Nottingham. We worked with Nottingham City Council and ASRA Housing Group on a community consultation and engagement campaign in support of a new housing development on land where old housing has been cleared.

The new housing development included houses for private sale, private rent and social rent. Alongside the housing is a new supported living complex for people over the age of 55. This was also developed by ASAR Housing Group.

The project was all about encouraging new people to move into the area, as well as providing homes for local people. We worked with the team at ASRA Housing Group on a series of community meetings to keep people updated about progress and to provide a forum where any concerns could be raised. Events were attended by senior ASRA staff capable of answering questions and who had a deep understanding of the overall project.

Following planning approval, we worked with ASRA Housing Group on a number of campaigns to promote the properties and the supported living accommodation. The result was all properties in the first release sold off plan, whilst demand for rental properties outstripped supply within days of launch. A great opportunity for people to live their life in Stonebridge Park.

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