Brick City

How we swelled the crowds brick by brick

Brick City is a celebration of iconic buildings from cities around the world, carefully recreated in LEGO® bricks by artist Warren Elsmore and his team. The exhibition premiered at the Harley Gallery on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire and it was our job to create some excitement and draw in the crowds.

So who do you get involved if you want the press to attend a preview? Obviously the artist, but how about a group of local school children obsessed with all things LEGO®? It made for a fantastic filming and photo opportunity, enticing journalists from TV, radio, online and printed press. They got to discover highlights of cities across five continents, including lively celebrations in Rio and New York, tall towers from Copenhagen to Venice, and imaginative castles from medieval Japan to modern Las Vegas.

Brick City

Social media also played a big part in building awareness, with images of the models proving particularly popular for sharing and likes.

Having created quite a stir, it was music to our ears to hear that the exhibition drew in over 80,000 visitors over a two week period, making Brick City one of the highest attended exhibitions staged at The Harley Gallery. Another brick in the wall.

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