How we excited collectors about TV and film

Think iconic cars from TV and film and you’ll have an appreciation of the fun that we had introducing the press to Corgi Classic’s new ‘TV & Film’ collection.

Kit from Knight Rider. The gull-wing Delorean is synonymous with ‘Back to the Future’. The 1983 GMC Vandura van used by the A-Team. And The General Lee from the Dukes of Hazard. All the classics. So how did we capture the media’s imagination? First of all, we identified the key influencer journalists that we wanted to reach. Then we invited them to an exclusive press event in Soho where we had an original DMC Delorean stainless steel car on show to capture the crowds and create a stir outside the venue. A red carpet completed the feel of a film premiere and we papped the press as journalists arrived.

And as the saying goes, nobody leaves empty-handed. Capturing the spirit of the 80s, we created a press giveaway packaged in a VHS video cassette box. Gift sets included a unique numbered certificate (a must for collectors) for each model and were much sought after as soon as word spread on the collector grapevine.

So what was the result of this investment? Well, Corgi’s TV & Film models proved hugely popular, with demand stirred by the extensive press coverage from the event. And the big numbers? Over 30 media titles attended and we achieved over 100 pieces of press coverage for the new range with a value 10x the investment in the press event. Nice ROI.

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