Meccano Website

How we built rapport with kids, parents and fans

The magic of Meccano lives on in many, but convincing new generations of enthusiasts took a little lateral thought. How do you get kids to put down the tablet or iPhone and focus on building something really cool?

We set up sampling opportunities at visitor attractions all around the UK, including the Science Museum and Design Museum. We wanted to get children hands-on with the product. So we stimulated interest with a mix of traditional media, social and digital, as well as in venue. The result was hundreds of happy parents and children who rolled up their sleeves and re-engaged with the physical art of construction.

Our press relations activities included competitions and reader offers, as well as sponsoring letter/email of the month in children’s magazines. So wherever you looked, children couldn’t avoid seeing Meccano in its new guise all over everything they read. And at the same time, our multichannel and multi-audience approach meant we kept enthusiasts and parents in the picture about new developments and the importance of developing motor skills, coordination and social play.

And everything was pointed at Meccano’s new website, which featured added value sticky stuff, including activities, downloads and games.

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