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How we got to the heart of the community

As businesses grow it’s important to bring everyone along with you. At Sheffield-based Employability and Skills Group (ESG), the company’s rapid rise from a small, £2m local training provider to a large, £50m national skills group was in danger of leaving some people behind.

As always, good communications help cement a sense of belonging and provide context for where you fit within the grand scheme of things. We introduced Inside ESG as part of the group’s brand communications and as a tool for sharing information about each of the group’s delivery businesses:
-Orient Gold
-Triangle Training 

The magazine was distributed to all employees and contained a mix of editorial and news, as well as personal profiles of people around the business. There was a focus on each business, covering successes, people and developments, ensuring anyone anywhere in the group had a good understanding of what was happening and who people were.

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