L.B. Foster, our mission

How we brought together staff after M&A

After a series of acquisitions in the EMEA region, US industrial group L.B. Foster asked us to develop a set of common values to unite employees. Using our 3D brand model, our insight team undertook a series of ‘Brand DNA’ workshops with employees at each of L.B. Foster Europe’s UK locations to get a clearer picture of existing perspectives and develop a series of common brand behaviours.

The workshops identified a number of values that were shared around the business, including:

Key to the success of the project was circling back to the employees who took part in the workshops to show that what they said informed the final outcomes and outputs. Doing this meant the workshop attendees became powerful ambassadors.

We launched the new values using a video, which defined ‘LB Fosterness’, which was presented to all employees over a short period, led by L.B. Foster Europe’s managing director and employees who contributed to workshops. Each employee received a Vision & Values z-card and all elements of the vision, mission and values are incorporated in a new employee handbook titled ‘All on board’.

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