Alphabet House

How we do the ABCs

Reputation is everything in the highly competitive market of nursery education. So when the Alphabet House Day Nursery group approached us to build its brand reputation we knew it was going to be a case of finding something unique to say and show about what they do.

Using our 3D brand model we identified early on the opportunity to position Alphabet House differently. In the crowded local market, the raft of private providers all presented themselves in much the same way, with little or no acknowledgement of the importance of brand. But where we always are different from traditional brand agencies is our skills in editorial, thinking cross channel and not vertically.

So we set about putting the pillars in place of a consistent brand presentation across each of Alphabet House Day Nursery’s four settings. We audited all customer touch points. Our social media team set up new social channels for parents and prospects to learn more about the exciting things happening in and around the nursery Рbut always with an eye on privacy and appropriateness.

We created new outdoor banner adverts for each setting, as well as seasonal promotions. And our press team built relationships and profile on local community news websites and in printed media so that wherever you looked Alphabet House was front and centre, attracting prospective parents and building pride with parents of children at the nurseries.

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