How we position brands in readiness for sale

Growing through mergers and acquisitions is a common model for build and sale of businesses. The Employability & Skills Group (ESG) in Sheffield adopted this model, growing from a £2m turnover company called Sheffield Trainers Limited to a £50m group that was eventually acquired by a major competitor as part of its own buy and build model.

Our brief was to create a brand that looked and felt like a large, serious, corporate entity. The smart bit of this was our deference to ESG’s main funding body the Learning & Skills Council. Even the name was a way of tipping our hat to the LSC as ‘employability’ and ‘skills’ were the watchwords of the moment.

The brand itself mirrors the lower case language of the LSC. Where we set things apart was the use of a primary and secondary pallet for the group’s delivery businesses. Each company’s name was presented in a lower case typestyle, with a coloured dot differentiating ‘skills’ businesses (apprenticeships) from ‘employability’ businesses.

The brand was applied to everything from internal environments to signage, literature and digital assets to learner packs, giveaways and board reports.

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