Meccano James May

How we work with the press to build value

Meccano; it’s a name that if you’re of a certain age will evoke nostalgic images of days gone by building intricate mechanical models that actually worked! Today the evergreen brand is still popular and embraces new technologies to appeal to new generations of future engineers.

Our brief with Meccano was simple; reintroduce the brand to retailers and reconnect consumers. On the toy trade front we courted key editors, making sure that Meccano was ever present in features about construction toys, punching above its weight in editorials where it had no right to be present, always with an eye on understanding what retailers wanted to know about.

In the consumer space, we engaged parents (buyers), children (users) and enthusiasts (builders). With parents, we created a mantra around the importance of learning through interactive play and the values attached to the brand. With children, it was all about the excitement of knowing no boundaries and letting your mind run riot. Enthusiasts just wanted a heads up on everything and anything new.

Our press engagement tactics ranged from the sublime to the ridiculous; press events at Namco to launch games licensed ranges; brand partnerships with The Scout Association; events at the Science Museum and Design Museum, alongside good old conventional media relations, including product sampling, testing, reviews, competitions and ‘letter of the month’ prizes.

And so what happened? US-based Spinmaster Toys got wind of the Meccano’s resurrection and acquired the brand.

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