How our branding created an enticing shop window

Earthing and lightning protection is not something you come across every day, but it provided us with a great opportunity to develop a brand into something to attract investors.

Omega Red Group had a powerful logo but the brand presentation was lacking. Our big idea was to show the brand in action, using field engineers who went out and actually delivered Omega’s solutions. We placed them in real locations, dressed in appropriate PPE, which added to the visual drama of each image. That became the brand style for Omega’s photography, instantly identifiable with the company.

We developed a suite of marketing communications assets – from website to sales literature – as well as brand environments and vehicle liveries. At the same time, our press team was busy building Omega’s visibility and reputation in trade media. We developed thought leadership technical articles (the science behind the solutions), as well as celebrating business successes with editorials, interviews and opinion pieces.

The combination of increased voice and powerful visual treatment worked a treat, attracting the eye of investors who eventually bought out the existing management team.

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