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How we keep L.B. Foster on track

Developing press reputation for electrical and mechanical engineering business L.B. Foster Europe is a fragmented task, with various horizontal and vertical media to target and influence. Our systematic approach with the press work well, rolling out relevant information that is targeted and tailored to each media segment.

We work across rail, energy, warehouse and distribution, automotive, food and beverage, as well as engineering and local, regional and national business media. So it’s quite a task, but one which we relish.

How we influence the media is with compelling technical articles, positioning L.B. Foster’s experts as thought leaders in friction management, industrial automation and telecoms. But the story doesn’t stop there; we’ve built great relationships with customers who allow us to tell their stories in case studies, that we leverage across all channels – from press to website, social to direct.

Our positioning strategies are always aimed at enhancing reputation and building brand awareness. We consider webinars with key press partners a great way of gaining traction with their readership. But it’s also about building an ongoing dialogue in what are highly competitive and often cut-throat markets.

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