Wellbeck Gallery Circus Pictures

How we attract the crowds to Harley

We love the Harley Gallery in north Nottinghamshire. It’s part of the Welbeck Estate, one of England’s great historic country estates. We work with the press to gain profile for the gallery’s array of activities and events.

With listings such as ‘Brick City’ – a homage to all things Lego – our press team has a lot of fun tempting journalists and bloggers to visit the gallery to experience just what a great destination it is and to report on the high-quality events that it hosts.

We encourage designers and artists to make themselves available for interview as no-one tells their story better. Offering the press exclusive access in a winner in terms of credibility and coverage. Take Peter Lavery as another example. He has spent the last 50 years following and photographing circuses the length and breadth of Britain and Ireland. His exhibition ‘Circus Work’ was the first to document this five-decade-long project and coincided perfectly with the 250th anniversary of the circus. A personal favourite from our array of press coverage was an online image gallery on The Guardian’s website – nice work team!

So what does success look like for The Harley Gallery? Well, that would be increased numbers of visitors, enhanced brand and destination visibility and increased levels of press coverage. And yes, we all those boxes.

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