Single College

How we enrolled influencers in education for merger

Once upon a time, Nottingham was spoilt for choice of further education providers, with three competing colleges all vying for the attention of school leavers and adult learners. Then someone sensible suggested merging the three into a single college for Nottingham, which is where we joined the party.

Castle College, South Nottinghamshire College and New College Nottingham all competed in a small space for the same customers. Having built our reputation working with the government’s funding body for post-16 education, as well as Castle College, we were invited to tender for the merger communications and were subsequently appointed.

We created a campaign ‘brand’ and visual treatment to remove ownership of the merger from any one college or organisation. This was applied to a project website, college staff communications, merger proposal document, presentation slides, students posters and flyers and community newsletter, as well as press and outdoor advertising.

Whilst the idea of a merger was widely accepted, the intransigence of the three incumbent college principals led to the dissolution of the plans. Funnily enough, 10 years on Nottingham has one further education college. Didn’t take long then!

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